NAR-RAC Fleet Products are designed to provide a comprehensive solution for operational leasing companies. Therefore, it is built on a flexible infrastructure to support huge fleets with great quantities of vehicles. The system imposes no limits or restrictions on the size of the fleets. The system is also flexible by means of presenting a huge set of parametric system traits so that companies may choose and use a subset of those system traits according to their needs. Besides offering services of a standard operational leasing platform, this platform is specifically designed for the needs of the real players in sector. It is a robust and scalable platform with proven security and performance.

Nar-RAC Rent A Car System is presented to all companies in this sector as a product of leadership in know-how transfer. The companies have the latest data on their Online / Real Time system in order to give a quick and qualitative service to their customers at their main office and departments.

Software Packages Endowed for Operational Leasing Sector

NAR-RAC Modules Gold Platin Platin Plus
Fleet Agreement
Car Control System
Insurance Module
Vehicle Departure & Arrival Operations
Motorized Vehicle Tax  
Electronic Toll Collection System  
Bank Credits  
Offer Preparation    
Rental Invoice
Operational Invoice
Traffic Ticket  
Repair Shop Automation    
Management Information System    
Alert Reports
Exchange Rates
Scheduled reports  

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