“Writes the future”

NARYAZ, whose name is a combination of “NAR” (pomegranate fruit) and “YAZilim ” (SOFTware), presents successful solutions for the “Car Rental” and “Operational Leasing” sectors as a leading firm in technology since 1986.

By the powerful solution partnerships made with professional firms and big corporate players in the sector, Naryaz has acknowledged many great projects and has become a leader in many exciting novelties.


1986 Developed its first software project by Hertz Rent A Car
1992 Gained its corporate identity
1996 Entered the operational leasing sector
1997 Developed the “NAR – Automobile Service” automation software
2001 Developed the NAR – CRM software
2004 Deemed worthy of government support by KOSGEB (Small & Medium Enterprises Development Organization)
2005 Deemed worthy of government support by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Tech. Research Council of Turkey) migrated to web-based, n-tier architecture
2007 Acquired the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate
2008 Deemed worthy of government support by TUBITAK a second time provided the software license renting option besides selling it only developed the Mini and Classic packages for small and medium-size companies wanting to expand their business
2009 Smart Economic Solutions for your Fleet
2010 Cloud Computing
2016 Our R&D project “DYNAMIC PRICING AND REVENUE OPTIMIZATION IN DAILY CAR RENTAL” is our third project which is deemed worthy of government support by TUBITAK.
2017 Duzce Technopark branch office is opened.
2017 Our new product JupiCar is presented
2017 Our third R&D project supported by TUBITAK has been successfully completed and the “Dynamic Pricing” algorithm has been added to JupiCar.
2018 Our fourth R&D project “MACHINE LEARNING SUPPORTED COST CALCULATION IN OPERATIONAL LEASING” is deemed worthy of government support by TUBITAK.


Perpetual Development;

In this respect, the major outlines of our quality policy are as follows; achieving the best customer satisfaction by doing customer-focused business establishing systematic and planned staff participation in all software quality improvement practices according to the latest technological novelties accomplishing all staff to have accession to educational programs establishing perpetual development in quality improvement process so that every work is always completed according to the “first-time-correct methodology” developing sector-specific professional solutions in accordance with ultimate consumer desires and expectations so that other customer-focused institutions can achieve customer satisfaction, too

Our Mission;

is producing global, sector-specific and integrated software contributing to the success of customer-focused institutions.

Our Vision;

is to be the leader of global solutions for those institutions in search of perfection. With its professional team, NARYAZ produces unique, sector-specific, user-friendly, secure, flexible, parametric and robust software. The company also provides technical consulting about the latest technological events and managerial consulting about organization.

In order to provide a more qualitative and centralized service in turnkey projects, NARYAZ also provides integrated hardware and networking services as well as technical support besides the software itself.

NARYAZ is your INTEGRATED SOLUTION and SERVICE partner in distinguished projects.